My Afrikaans story

Started: December 2019

Ek is baie bly my Afrikaans storie met julle te kan deel. Ek hoop julle geniet dit. Welkom!

I started Afrikaans on a whim. This being a daughter language (or a sister language, whichever way you want to look at it) of Dutch makes it very easy for a Dutch/Flemish native to quickly master the language. So of course I had been pondering … Should I or should I not?

I had been looking at the Teach Yourself Afrikaans for a while and then, for some reason I can not recall anymore, decided to go for it. Just to see how far I could come. This seems to be a recurring pattern in my language learning. A bit of dabbling that ends up in a serious addiction.

To make a long story short. I picked up my TY and quickly went through the first 15 units. I also booked italki classes throughout 2020 and my level increased steadily. I think it is fair to say it is a firm B1 now.

A little warning though, if you are a Dutch/Flemish native, there are a lot of tricky differences between both languages, so Afrikaans may look easy, but is not as easy as you would think. From Afrikaans to Dutch, yes, easy-peasy, but vice versa not so. The vocabulary looks treacherously easy, but having to produce the language off the top of your head may turn out to be a tricky attempt!

Spring gou-gou aan die werk as jy wil Afrikaans leer!