My Esperanto story

Started: February 2019

Lydia Machova, you know her? She is reponsible for me trying out Esperanto on a whim. I watched a video of her talking about a polyglot conference and she mentioned that if you ever wanted to quickly add a language to your portfolio, you might want to try Esperanto. Took her 3 months (if I’m not mistaken).

Up until that day, I had never ever thought of studying Esperanto, although I had heard of it and it intruiged me slightly. By accident (or not – me being a language nerd) I had a booklet with the 16 rules of Esperanto, a complete grammar!

Why not? Won’t hurt anyone to give it a try. I went through the first 12 lessons of my book and played a bit with the Duolingo tree, but my heart wasn’t really in it. This was my Sunday morning language. And then I quit. Just as abruptly as I had started.

Until early 2021, when I started Turkish with Duolingo and saw that I still had a – completely broken – Esperanto tree. In no time (yes, Esperanto really is that easy) I restored my tree and continued. Because I already have so much on my plate, I have decided not to use my grammar just yet, but focus on finishing the tree first.