My Yiddish story

Started: October 2020

I can’t for the life of me remember why on earth I started learning Yiddish when I did. I had no intention at all to add yet another language to my steadily growing list. 11 and counting at that point … Needless to say my motivation goes up and down, but I will persevere, I will be able to speak Yiddish!

I had decided at that point that I would go for the main Germanic languages and when going through the list, I saw Yiddish on there (I mean, I already knew it was a Germanic language, but seeing it in writing, made me consider it for real).

If you have been following me, you must without a doubt know that I need variation, I need to be able to go from one language to another and then go to a third. Focusing on one language alone bores me. While for some people it may seem an impossible task to study more than 2 languages at the same time, for me this is exactly what I want!

I am taking it slowly though, I don’t want to rush things – my tag line is ‘the lazy language learner’ for a reason. On the resources page under Yiddish, you will find a list of what I use to learn this language. I do all of it, also italki classes, but no pressure. This is fun, remember? Yiddish is a descendant from German, just like Luxembourgish, and therefore it is not a big challenge for me to learn it.

Choose your languages wisely, is all I can say *wink*!