My Icelandic story

Started: May 2020

It all started with Faroese. But as you can read on the Faroese page, I gave that up, due to a lack of resources. I knew Icelandic was very similar and when I decided to pick up Faroese, I debated whether or not to go for Icelandic instead.

So Icelandic was there, somewhere in the back of my head, on my long list of want-to-learn languages. After a few months, I decided to drop Faroese and study Icelandic. And I loved it. I fell really hard for the language and I so much want it to love me back, but it is playing hard to get.

Thank God there are some good resources, audio on YouTube to listen to and practice and even a few Netflix series, so I get my passive learning.

I am always quite hard on myself, I put the bar very high and I am not easily satisfied. But considering I have only studied the language for 10 months, on my own, I can say I reached quite a good level already (this is March 2021).

I take 1 or 2 italki classes per month and I manage to have a conversation of – no kidding – 20 minutes (although in all fairness, when you take out all the uh’s and ah’s, there is about 5 minutes left *just kidding*).

I also have a few textbooks that I go through on my own, taking my time. I recently bought a Short Stories by Olly Richard and I like it! So this story is far from over!