My Luxembourgish story

Started: April 2020

This is so me. All of a sudden, a language presents itself to me. Like a little fly going round in my head, bumping into my skull the whole time: Luxembourgish-Luxembourgish-Luxembourgish … Until I can no longer ignore it. Usually there is one final trigger that pushes me over the edge.

For Luxembourgish, that trigger was a Twitter moot who also dabbles in several languages, one of which … of course, Luxembourgish. He posted a picture of what he had done and it clicked, I decided to go for it.

I had – of course, what did you expect – done some research about courses online and because Luxembourgish is such a small (and neglected) language, there is only so much you can choose from.

You must know me by now, when I decide to go for it, I jump in feet first … Same with Luxembourgish, I booked lessons, took the 2 courses and really went for it. It was surprisingly easy, because of German (all my efforts of lightyears ago did pay off in the end *smile*). I have documented my journey to Luxembourgish fluency on this blog.

By the time I started this language, I sort of had the vague idea of studying the main Germanic languages and this is of course one of them. Apart from that, Luxembourgish is just a cute language, it sounds very much like German, but is actually quite different from it.

The classic example of a fling turning into the love of my life! I think it’s fair to say that this is one of my favourite if not thé favourite language in my long list.

Ech si wierklech ganz frou mat dëser Sprooch, ech kann et net erklären, ech wees eigentlech och net fir wat, mee ech mengen dat et eppes ze maachen huet mat de Fait dat et net esou vill Läit gëtt, déi Lëtzebuergesch schwätzen.